Monday, October 22, 2007

Some Sincere Questions

What was the long-term result of the global student demonstrations of the sixties?
(It seems to me that the most lasting effect was unabashed branding and commercial exploitation of youth culture.)

Does the near disappearance of existential angst as a theme in film and literature mean that we don't feel its effects as much?

Why aren't there more people of color in Portland given its reputation for progressive politics and culture? Are racial minorities non-progressive? Why aren't they flocking to our monochromatic rainbow-in-waiting?

Why do so many Americans actually think that all of creation happened in the past ten thousand years? (If you think this is a joke, please reconsider.) What forces have conspired to move further from a scientific view of the natural world and more towards the mythological during the past century?

Why do we cling to an education system designed to promote conformity and rote learning?

Truly Curious,
Signore Direttore

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