Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Movie Star Chambermaid Gossip

Jennifer Aniston and Woody Harrelson are in town to make a film called Management.

According to sources Aniston is very down to earth. Yet rumor has it that her assistants make being down to earth all the easier. Jennifer mentioned that she didn't care for the headboards on the beds in her suite at the Heathman. Just like that they were replaced, even on the beds she's not sleeping in. She reportedly smokes one Merit Ultra Light 100 daily, you know those cigarettes that are long and skinny like the stick on a Tootsie pop. Ashtrays are conveniently placed throughout the suite so she can dispose of her tiny little ashes wherever she likes. While Miss Aniston is away on set all ashtrays are emptied and polished. The open pack of cigarettes is replaced with a fresh pack.

Mr. Harrelson on the other hand seems to live as a truly down to earth Portlander. His contract states that he is to receive no VIP treatment whatsoever. Which might include maid service as his room looks as if it were a freshman dorm. Scattered amidst the detritus is a large amount of cannabis sativa, covering several tables. Woody had a bike delivered to the hotel on his day off. He took a ride around town and out the Spring Water Corridor. His dietary needs are somewhat more demanding than his housekeeping needs. Harrelson maintains a strict diet of raw foods.

Downright Tawdry,
Signore Direttore

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Sokrates said...

Re Aniston: Oy. even for a star, that's pretty dreadful (assuming it's true).

That said, a friend of mine, who worked background for that film, said that Aniston thanked the extras after doing a scene with them. Of course, they weren't allowed to say anything back to her.

Speaking of background work, I was recently an extra for "The Unit." My first LA gig -- hurrah!