Sunday, May 29, 2011


I've been so busy lately. More so than in a very long time. It's been kind of draining and also very invigorating. I suspect that the growth I'm experiencing isn't even apparent to me just yet. One thing that I've noticed is my ability to get things done like never before - and not just the things I'm passionate about. Or perhaps I've become more passionate overall. Not sure about that. Anyway, I've been one to generate a lot of activity but I haven't always been one for finishing things. Old story - great starter ... not so great finisher. That's been especially true over the past few years regarding film projects. It just eluded me and then I would keep making films and the editing backlog grew and grew. We've been chipping away at that and the experience has been good in many ways. It may even be one of the reasons why I'm finding the finish line more often lately.
Recently I've been working on a campaign for a non-profit. Doing a very comprehensive strategic plan. It's been a tough assignment for many reasons and I've wanted to quit many times since the second week. I've been able to stick with it. There was even a moment when the only reason I had for sticking with it was the feeling that I needed to practice hanging in there. Eventually there came a point where I had the opportunity to make a video for the campaign. It came about because I was writing a proposal for a training program and I realized that a training video would be a much more efficient means of conducting the training. But the Board thought a video appealing directly to the audience would be even better.  I was excited to bring my work as a filmmaker to my work as communications strategist together. There was also a feeling that I was getting in over my head, taking on too much. An incident just after I committed to the larger scale video seemed to confirm my folly, but once again I persevered.
We shot the video last Sunday.  By Tuesday night I had a rough cut.  By Wednesday noon I had an alternate version. And by Thursday night, early Friday morning I had a finished video.
It feels really good to have the unfinished project monkey off my back. Now can I get some love in the health and fitness arena, please?