Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Clio tells His Story

I'm making a short film this week called something like the title of this post. October Moore is going to tell the story of the first time I made out with a girl. She's going to dress in period costume - circa 1980 - and tell the story in the first person. The memory is not a particularly fond one. It's not humiliating or anything, just one of those haunting yet unspectacular moments that you keep to yourself. It will be interesting to hear the story from a woman. And if any residual shame produces a laugh, I will be pleased.

This project just kind of came together. I had been contemplating potential scenarios to work on with October for a couple of weeks. I saw a compelling little neo-Nouvelle Vague short from Matthew Lessner last week that inspired me to think in non-narrative terms. Then I listened to an interview with Peter Greenaway that prompted some thoughts. I wouldn't say that this short was inspired directly by either of the former filmmakers, but they made me think outside of the dramatic narrative box that I do much of my conceptualizing within.

Il Nuovo Onda
Signore Direttore

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