Friday, October 12, 2007

Chain (Change) Step MARCH!

I always thought it was chain step march. It's the step in marching where you do a little shuffle in order to get back in step with everyone else. For the first time since I was in basic training way back in 1985 I questioned whether it might be change step. I Googled it and found that yes indeed I had misunderstood the garbled commands of drill sergeants for over twenty years.
I was watching Altman's 3 Women the other night as I noted in a post earlier this week. There's a quiet little moment where Sissy Spacek follows two twins away from their place of work. It's a very deep frame, the characters occupying less than a third of the screen. I noticed the twins were in step and Sissy was close behind them but out of step with them. As I said to myself, Oh she's out of step with the twins, the very moment I finished the thought, Sissy did a little skip step and fell into step with the twins. By this time they were very deep in the frame, just tiny. It was magic.

An Altman Fan,
Signore Direttore

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