Monday, October 29, 2007

Not So Pretty As You Please

Saw Michael Clayton this weekend. Tight bit of writing and acting. Tom Wilkinson was stellar. As was Tilda Swinton and Sidney Pollack. Clooney was mostly Clooney -- solid, smart and handsome. He took great advantage of a very well-written character. They all showed their warts and their ordinary human frailties. Enough credit can't be given to Tony Gilroy, screenwriter and first time director (in his 50s!). Actors usually bring as much humanity to their characters as Hollywood allows, in this case I feel they were more than met halfway. Clooney's Clayton seemed to have the deck stacked against him from without and while I'm tempted to say he didn't pull it off in the same subtle ways as Swinton and Wilkinson, perhaps he did all the more so. This film almost demands a second viewing. The first time for oh-so-rare entertainment, the second to better see just how well-crafted the film is.

Signore Direttore

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