Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Filmmaking Update

Went and watched the almost finished Lumberjack Storytime short that I wrote and directed.  It's an outtake of sorts from our feature film Made Crooked.  It's Tara's story that she tells to get a reaction out of her father and brother about having wanton sex with two burly lumberjacks, which is acted out humorously in costume by Tara, Travis and me.  We shot it in a warehouse, but it looks like it's in a cabin.  I covered the props with foamcore cut to the shape of the original furniture in the cabin, we then projected images of the cabin onto the set.  It was fun to do and I dig the results.  Gave Jordan a few notes on the sound design and we discussed the titles.  We shot it so long ago that we were having trouble remembering who worked on it for the credits.  Moody?  No, we hadn't even met him yet.  Et cetera.  Funny.
It's almost finished and we discussed what to plug away on next.  I wanted to finish another short, but I had to admit that we really need to get back to Dangerous Writing.  It's so damn close.  So tonight's the night.  Expect some updates soon.  Soon as defined by Neal and Jordan that is.  So don't hold your breath, but do count on us to stick with it until the damn things are finished.

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