Thursday, September 16, 2010

J. Crew Sells Out

They're selling out not in a Warholian fashion, but in a retail way.  The jacket above is of the type of heritage American workwear coveted in Japan and lovingly and painstakingly recreated and reinvented by companies like Kapital.  It's beautiful stuff.  The jacket above is neither vintage nor Kapital.  It's a collection created by Heller's Cafe, a vintage clothing museum in Seattle,  and Warehouse, a Japanese denim company, for J.Crew.  It just launched and much of it is sold out already.
I also noticed that J. Crew just released a shawl collar sweater with toggle buttons much like some of the Kapital coats we shot this spring.  Of course fashion is endless recapitulation and replication, but it seems like J. Crew has really jumped on the Japanese, and perhaps specifically the Kapital, bandwagon.
They are going for it.  Check out the facial hair and the unkempt locks on this male moodle.  I do notice that though they may go for the bohemian stylings, they still can't abandon their youthful demographic.  Only a company like Kapital has the cojones to cast an old blue-eyed bastard like my high school classmate Robbie Daigle shown here in Kapital's beautiful 40s wool melton wool with hand-tied rope toggle buttons.

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