Sunday, September 26, 2010

Noms de New Blog, etc.

Once again, I've been thinking it's time to move on from Finding Fellini.
I really don't want to make movies any more, and the storytelling I want to
do just doesn't seem to feel right alongside all this other stuff.
And if I were to promote a new blog, I'm not sure I want all the baggage on FF.
The new blog will likely be along the lines of what I've been posting lately –
men's vintage and heritage clothing, Americana, fashion, Indian robes, travel.
I do think Fellini was intent on finding the beauty and mystery of our lives and exploring
the above things is certainly along those lines, but it feels like a new direction that merits
a new template.
I've come to the conclusion that I don't want to write fiction of any sort.  Which doesn't mean
that I don't want to write or tell stories.  Storytelling is a very broad term.  At least in the ways
I term it.  Pictorial artists, designers of all ilks, nightclub promoters,teachers, musicians, bloggers – we all tell stories.
The great thing about a blog is that it's so free-form.  You can go in any direction your heart desires.  But for it to be relevant to those that might enjoy it, it needs to be focused and consistent.  There are those that might enjoy traipsing all over the place with me, but I get the sense that it's the exceptional reader that's game.
Also I don't want to kill certain elements.  The progress meter for Sway - the novel I started but am unlikely to ever pick up again - is something I want to preserve.  I don't want to kill it.  I'm okay with it being frozen in time.  But I don't want to answer for it.  I don't want to put myself through talking about when it might be finished or what it's about.  I enjoyed writing it (perhaps typing is better, as someone once famously criticized Kerouac's On The Road), but I don't necessarily want to go back and review it or try to improve upon it.  That's all I have to say about that.
It's better for me this way.  And if it's better for me, I think it's going to better for the internet.


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To be continued ...

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