Sunday, September 26, 2010

Get Low

I'm not sure this was the best film I've ever seen, but I enjoyed it.  I'm much more forgiving of matinees in general, as we saw it earlier this afternoon.  There were many long stretches where I was all in, a couple moments where it dragged and some sort of a rush to bringit all to a not so tidy end.  I liked the acting and the much of the story.  Bill Murray always distracts me as most comedians tend to do in dramatic roles.  As charismatic and talented as many of them are, they cannot seem to take on the role as an actor can.  As Robert Duvall can and does in this film.  There are films, more often in supporting roles, that Duvall remains more himself than his character, but Get Low is not one of them.  The kid from Sling Blade was very good.  Sissy Spacek pretty good, too, though her character didn't have that much to do.
The sets and the costumes were amazing.  A lot of period films get the styles well, but the clothes as if they either brand new or in tatters.  I have a pet peeve of seeing the bottom of a pair of shoes propped up on a desk in a film and it's obvious they're straight out of a box never worn outdoors.  Bill Murray's shoes have a hole in them, which is perhaps taking it too far, but actually a very telling detail that isn't revealed until late in the film.

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