Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Exciting Times

My days are very full right now. Yet I find that if I just show up a lot gets accomplished without a lot of fuss. I've long been prone to asking too much of myself, thinking that to get anything done I need to work myself into a frenzy. I'm very relieved to put that manner of doing things behind me. Instead, I set out to do a little each day, taking care not to overwhelm myself thus assuring that I show up in the first place.
We locked picture on But A Dream today. It's a very beautiful film. The sound mix happens in the coming weeks. I'm very proud of it and I look forward to submitting it to festivals later in the year.
We have also begun making selects and dropping the new material into the cut of Made Crooked. It looks like the new scenes are going to work as or better than expected. Having things to cut to allows us to use some better takes of the original material because the locked-off, tranquil shots serve as counterpoints to the hand-held, frenzied shots of the original material.
Today I prepared my taxes while Jordan made the final edits on BAD. I stopped to review the changes when he was ready to show me. We went back and forth like that until we finished it.
There were times that the day seemed just right and others when it seemed like I'd never get through it. My head is full of all the details of our upcoming move and the remodeling of the apartment building. And money issues. and, and, and ... When it gets to be too much I try to breathe and stay focused on what's immediately in front of me. So far, so good.
Tomorrow it's our CPA in the morning, prep some rooms in the new house for painting midday, show BAD to the DP that shot it and more work on Made Crooked in the afternoon. Then some time with the family in the evening.

Signore Direttore

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congrats on the picture lock--good luck with everything coming. -zach