Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Week in Review - oo8/6


Inland Empire - I had heard so much about this most experimental of David Lynch's films since Eraserhead. It really is like a dream which many say is cinema's highest function as an art form. It's bizarre and beautiful and inspiring and boring and mannered and frustrating. It's challenging to let go of wanting to know especially in the absence of all the familiar tropes that make us feel safe when watching films. I admire the freedom of expression. I have to admit it took me three sessions to get through the 172 minute film.

The Conformist - This film was responsible for me seeing the possibilities of cinema about ten years ago. It still inspires me. It's beautiful.

K Street - Soderbergh again. This is an HBO series he did a couple of years ago starring James Carville and Mary Matalin. Too bad he didn't get to do another season or two. It's the West Wing for people that don't need a steadycam and sensationalized drama to be stimulating.

The Magic of Fellini - Nice collection of interviews with the master and some of his cohort.

Veronika Voss - A good but not great Fassbinder. One of the BRD trilogy, it enjoyed a bigger budget and it shows.


I barely had time to read the newspaper this past week. When I had any down time at all, my brain wasn't functioning.

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