Saturday, July 12, 2008

What A Week

Getting through weeks like this one takes its toll. Coming through productively takes more of a toll physically than upstairs. I'll take the physical and emotional exhaustion. Gladly.
I didn't do any writing on Sway. I'm a little bummed about that and a little frightened about getting back to the lovely flow I was enjoying. Trust. But I'm very forgiving of myself for not writing. I was leaving the house well before eight each day and getting home between ten and eleven. I barely saw my family.
I had a lot of doctor's appointments for my wrist, including a new set of x-rays. There was a specialist in town yesterday for a conference that worked on it. He gave my doctor some insight and was able to unlock some of the tendons restoring about fifteen percent more movement. I'm now at about fifty percent.
I also narrowed our choice of editors for DW to two. I know who I want to go with but I'm giving myself the weekend to come to a final decision. It's been awesome watching the footage again. I think that movie is going to be very compelling; if I got all the pieces, that is. I'm excited to see it come together. Definitely going to defy convention.
I've been working away with my left hand and some helpers on our apartment building, running to the hardware store twice a day, getting bids from tile setters, painters and carpenters. I'm finally seeing the light and can now walk away until Monday morning.
I've also been prepping my first shoot for my new corporate client.
And I'm finishing the second week of a totally sugar, gluten, wheat and dairy free diet based on the results of a food allergen test I took a few weeks back. It's been tough, but I feel pretty good.
Late-nights, I managed to squeeze in a few episodes of Deadwood and I read a crime novel by George Pelecanos, one of the writers and producers of The Wire. Good stuff.
So I'm going to treat myself to a matinee in a few minutes - Baghead. Then it's home for a swim and off to a party with my family.
I might get back to Sway for a few hours tomorrow. We'll see.

Signore Direttore

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