Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tasseled Loafers and a Flashback to 1993

The Alden tasseled loafer.  A classic that's been around long before 1993.  Though that's when this NY Times article was written about the politicization of the shoe.  It renders that moment in time rather quaint.
In '93, I was in college wearing black suede Pumas or a pair of Red Wing work boots that I still have and wear.  I'm sure I had at least a few more pairs of shoes than that, but it certainly was a time that I traveled much lighter.
I didn't wear these things in '93 nor any at other time in my life. The closest I had was a cordovan kiltie loafer that I bought at a thrift store in the 80s.  Though I don't recall wearing them much.  Anyway, like many men's shoes, the tasseled loafer exists in a sort of no man's land for me.  They're traditional, but not classic.  Truth be told, I don't really like any men's dress shoe without a heavier brogue sole.  A running board they used to call it.  Otherwise they look too dainty, especially on anything over a size 11.  Slightly effeminate without taking too much risk.  Middle of the road and ho-hum.
They really do look like the perfect shoe for legions of lawyers in off the rack suits that have too much break in the trouser legs.  Now, if I had nothing but time and money on my hands, I might consider this shoe with a bold plaid cuffed trouser worn just a little short with no break.  Maybe a fine pair of bright yellow socks, like the pair I bought at Harrod's over ten years ago that still look brand new.  I could see sitting at an outside table in the summer, crossing my leg over my knee and letting one of these slightly ridiculous shoes just hang there for all to see, giving them pause to wonder if I'm serious or not.  Were I to wear a short sleeve shirt, they might get the wink and the nod.  Or they might turn and run.

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