Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Please Refrain

These phrases make me cringe:  "Get 'er done", "Just sayin'", "Beyotch" and "Really?"  Not cute.  Unoriginal.  Very overused. 
I also realize why soccer will never ever appeal to the lowest common denominator of sports fans in the U.S. – American fans are truly disappointed when every pass isn't a touchdown, every swing of the bat isn't a homerun and every shot doesn't go in the basket with an and-one.  Last night at a Blazer game I could hear a collective groan after the visiting team scored in spite of rabid chants of "De-fense".  This apparent disappointment less than ten games into a long season in a game that the Blazers led by ten or more points for much of the game.  I can understand having a visceral response to the other team scoring when the game is on the line, but to be disappointed whenever the opponent scores is troubling.  The lowest a team has scored in a single NBA game in the past fifty years is 49, the lowest season long average is about 82. 
Really, sports fans?   Do you really think an NBA team isn't going to score?  Really!?!  They're the best players in the world.  They go out every night and get 'er done, beyotchJust sayin'.
Unfortunately, writing that has just caused me to shiver in shame is all to common in the snarky cool cultural garbage bins of social media and the blogosphere.
I need to go take a shower now.

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