Monday, May 24, 2010


Before I went to work on the photo shoot, I had a nice little rhythm going.  Not perfect or anything, but it was easy to get up and make my bed.  And I was getting to bed at fairly consistent time with a little reading time before lights out.
Now my body and mind are out of sorts.  Instead of words on a page before bed, I want to be in front of a screen.  Instead of waking in the morning and reading a short story before rising and making my bed, I stumble across the hall from my bedroom to my study and check my email.  This morning's emails were not to be missed, I tell you.  There was something from MacWeekly about passwords and such.  An alert from an Ebay seller that an item had shipped.  A spiritual meditation from a subscription.  And some other trash that I don't remember.  Nothing urgent or validating.  Nothing worth sacrificing for more grounded routines and rituals.
We did go to the beach yesterday.  Cape Lookout.  We met some friends that had camped out the previous night.  The sea air was wonderful.  I played a game with my son and one of his friends that involved drawing targets in the sand and throwing large rocks.  Then we built castles and played a territory game that my son invented.  After that I laid on the sand until a storm came in and we drove home.
Ive been super negligent on my fitness commitment lately.  My clothes are starting to feel uncomfortable.  Yet somehow the simple act of walking out the door and taking a walk is overwhelming me.  I'm overthinking it.  Getting ahead of myself.  Trying to take some action today.
Thinking about getting a motorcycle again.  It's been a long time.  1995.  I'm going to take a safety course for a refresher if I pursue it.  I've got my eye on a new Triumph Bonneville T100.  Vintage styling without all the wrenching.  I don't have the time or the desire to be working on a motorcycle.


David Millstone said...

your tide is out for a short spell, is all, float a little and flap your feet just fast enough not to turtle.

Anonymous said...