Monday, February 23, 2009

Fired Up About The Oscars

Let me say it very very LOUD - Danny Boyle is a hack. He's a music video director. I can never forget I'm watching a movie when watching one of his self-conscious creations. I hated Slumdog Millionaire. I knew I was going to hate it, but I really tried based on the recommendation of a friend. Slumdog is a Unicef version of Forrest Gump except it takes itself seriously. It wasn't magical but a load of contrived sentimental rubbish. I mean, what the he'll is it? Melodrama? Fairy tale? Drama? It doesn't know and that makes it shite.
Now on to the smug and no longer attractive Kate Winslet. You won, you droned, now go away. She's awful. And smug. And ugly. In a word -- smugly. That movie was bullshit. Anne Hathaway was far more deserving.
I knew Sean Penn was going to win Best Actor months ago. It was as much of a foregone conclusion as the supporting actor statue going to Hearh Ledger. I have no problem with either of these guys winning. I saw The Life and Times of Harvey Milk doc back in the 80s and My Name Is Sam so there was nothing new there for me. It sucks that so much of America has a big problem with homosexuality. I personally was cheering for Roueke,Langella and Jenkins. Great to see those guys nominated. And very awesome to see my old buddy Mike Shannon nominated. What a brilliant nutjob that guy is.
What the fuck was PSH wearing on his head? Love him, but he needs to go away for awhile. Do a Brando or something. I'm sick of seeing him in five movies a year.
Penelope Cruz is a stunner. Who would have thought she would mature into such a beauiful and talented actress? Not me, but I'm very pleased to see the transformation and the award in her hands.
I don't know if it is ego or true passion, but watching the Academy Awards made me a little hungrier for making movies.

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