Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Stuff and Nonsense

Well what is going on? Hired an editor for Dangerous Writing. Ed Yonaitis. Good guy. Smart filmmaker. I'm glad he's moved to Portland. I'm relieved to turn it over to someone else. I just can't sit there and relive all my inner and outer turmoil connected to the film. I'm excited to see the film come together.

I had a job interview with a post-production house for a sales/production coordinator position. It went well. I have a meeting with the big boss on Monday. I'm going to take it if they offer it to me. I'm dying to get back to a regular gig. From what I can tell I can do a very good job for them and leave the work at work. I like that. It's downtown. I really like the idea of cruising through the heart of the city everyday. Hope, hope.

I read today that the US Transportation Secretary claims that funding for bike lanes and other bicycle related issues are not transportation issues. The other morning I rode our son to school on our trailer bike. After dropping him off I went to US Bank to make a deposit. As the trailer was still attached and my deposit was ready to go I used the drive thru window. I then made my way over to Washington Mutual to make a deposit into my business account. Unfortunately they wouldn't allow me to use their drive thru, stating that I had to be in a motor vehicle to use the drive thru. There was not a place to lock the bike/trailer combo on the bank premises without blocking sidewalks or doorways. I had to find a place to park the bike down the street and return to the bank where I waited in line for ten minutes to make a deposit while cars idled and were served more efficiently through the drive thru service. This seems discriminatory, unreasonable and unacceptable. I am sending letters to the local press, bicycle advocacy groups and to the bank in the hopes that convenient and efficient service is no longer the privilege of polluters at Washington Mutual.

I was cast in a trailer for the NW Film & Video Festival playing a no-budget indie director. I won't be doing much blogging until the shoot as I need to commit a lot of time to researching and preparing for the role. I hope I can pull it off. Lame jokes aside, I am looking forward to being on set as an actor again. Hopefully the day won't go too long as we have five second graders having a camp out in the back yard that night.

I saw that Sometimes a Great Notion has been adapted for the stage and plays this winter as PCS. I'm intrigued.

The Mets are still in first place in the NL East, 8-2 in their last ten games and six ahead of the Phillies, with but a couple of weeks left in the regular season. David Wright continues to hammer the ball. He's got the 30+ stolen bases and is only two homers from 30 and 30. Looks like Jose Reyes is coming out of his recent slump at the plate and Pedro is 2-0. Tom Glavine is pitching so strong and having so much fun with the Mets that the 41 year old is thinking of postponing his retirement another year. I'm not just hopeful for a Series victory, I'm beginning to think DYNASTY. Fuck the Yankees.

Head in the clouds,
Signore Direttore

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