Monday, September 24, 2007

Da Do Run Run

My wife is in Hawaii working for a week. Our babysitter has been coming by for at least a couple of hours most days, so I'm not entirely overwhelmed by single-parenting three young children. My son is acting out at home and school and my attempts to respond positively don't seem to prompt much from him aside from the sullen shrugs and flippant 'I don't care's' of a twelve-year old. Only he's seven and a half.
I find myself in the middle of a situation where he has the new teacher at his school. She isn't impressing anyone with her ability. Many parents are attacking her and calling for her job. I've tried to stand up and say let's be fair. Which means we can advocate for change without rallying for her to lose her job or asserting that she's heavily medicated. You know, I'm saying more than I want to about this. Basically I've volunteered to help the teacher and class as room parent. It seems to me that some parents take my actions to mean I'm happy with the status quo and I'm catching some heat both directly and passively.
I tried to move our son to a different class but that has been refused by the charming principal. I'm now considering taking him to another school. He's opposed to this for social reasons. Which are important though not paramount. We have this vision that all of our kids are going to go to our neighborhood school, a K-8, and taking Henry out for a year seems like some sort of daunting asterisk. But right now I'm feeling a lack of support all around and it feels like a move that will help re-focus our primary objective as far as our child's education goes.
It also feels like a reaction to how lonely and desperate this situation makes me feel.

Loco Parentis
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