Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Old News That's News To Me


I've been studying mathematics lately to prepare for some upcoming Statistics courses and possibly the GMAT.  I also want to refresh and augment my skills as my children advance in their study of maths.
Coincidentally, I found an interesting article in the NYT today about making math more fun.  Which led me to search for more information on Ulam's Spiral leading to this video on the simple importance of prime numbers.

We had a long chat about primes in the car the other day, identifying them and exploring their rules and patterns.  I just showed these videos to my kids and I saw some lights go on in their eyes.  My son commented that you could create a video game based on patterns.  Yes.
I recently read an Eleanor Rooselvelt quote to the effect that low-minded folks talk about other people and high-minded folks talk about ideas.  It feels good to reach a little higher.

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