Friday, June 18, 2010

Digs and Gigs

I gotta get back to that DW trailer.  But first there's a plumber coming in the morning.  I would rather call a plumber and shop for a new tap for the kitchen and a new dishwasher than cut that f*ing trailer.  Editing is not really my thing.  I can do it quite well, but I don't enjoy the process.  I need results quicker than is prudent.  I did get back to the music this week, though.  Rejected a song that the composer brought me.   Hated doing that, but it just didn't feel right at all.  He had the idea to contact an old friend of ours that specializes in the type of music I want for that particular scene.  After D. left I composed a quick blues strut in Garage Band to play under a bar scene.  Need to add some barroom chatter and glasses tinkling and maybe some sort of jukebox effect filter for the blues tune.  I knocked that song out because I'm really tired of losing momentum on DW.  I really want to finish that goddamn film already.  I'm just not that interested in making films as a writer-director right now and yet I need to finish what I started.
I got a call to produce a cool photo shoot for one of the awesome photographers in town.  It's for a prestige client and agency.  I worked up the budget this morning.  Even if it doesn't go through, I was really happy and encouraged to get the call.  I'm hardly broke, but I need to earn some money.  Mainly for my psyche.  Filmmaking was starting to feel like a giant vanity project.  Doing something that I like doing, that I'm qualified to do and getting paid well for it has been a long time coming.  I've made plenty of dough in my life, but I haven't enjoyed the ride on a paying gig for a long, long while.
Earning money on that photo shoot last month and the video gig I'm working on currently felt really good.  I want to keep it up and the potential gig I worked on today is heartening.

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