Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Editing Doldrums

It really isn't the season to be doing a lot of editing. I don't know though if I think any season is the right time of year to toil away in front of a computer screen. I've been able to let it go for a while now. It being the whole lot of films that I've yet to finish. It takes a long time, sure it does. But it takes even longer when I don't cut anything because I only have a few hours here and there and I use that as an excuse not to do any editing at all.
Today I put together an assembly of something for this month's class in about an hour. It's hard for me to edit. I just see what should have or could have been - I don't see the possibilities in what's there.
Even when I direct I sometimes find myself going, oh I like this but it isn't going to cut together - fuck it let's just shoot it. I've been trying to balance out finding golden moments with the more practical continuity concerns. Traditional coverage is so boring and yet free flowing masters are really hard to cover.
Really it's all about sitting down to do it. Which is the hardest friggin part of it for me. I do much better when I'm in the habit of doing just that.
What I really want to do is shoot a film. I know however that I really need to finish a few before I begin anything new. There's a lot of reasons for that. I think I would get a lot more support in many ways if I had some films finished. I have received a tremendous amount of support so far, for which I'm extremely grateful. Another kick ass reason to finish some films.
Of course films plural is a bit overwhelming and contributes to my malaise.

Signore Direttore

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