Thursday, April 10, 2008

Or Not

Last year when finishing Dangerous Writing I complained to a friend of having to come back down to earth. She proclaimed the virtues of doing remodeling projects and working for money. I don't entirely disagree with her. However, I think my comments yesterday about getting going on another film need to be amended. And I think the source of getting ahead of myself had a lot to do with wanting to get into something new as an escape from the mundane that my friend finds more solace in than I apparently do.
Upon further consideration I determined that the idea that's working on me right now deserves more from me than a splintered dedication. Principally that I would want to retain the emotional link to the story and in order to do that I can not get caught up in producing the thing. But it's obvious to me that even if I find a competent producer, I will have to do quite a bit of producing myself before I could return to the heart of my story, which may be too late. Then of course with a producer on board, its realization would require substantially more budgetary resources than I can possibly muster any time soon. I will continue to let it form as I do the work of finishing films and remodeling our building. If it takes a shape that still begs to be produced, it will get what it deserves at some point in the future. The possibility of a very experimental truncated version remains viable.
One thing that does come out of all the leg and back work of my life is that I am becoming much more discerning about the projects to which I am willing to commit.

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