Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Awesome Vintage Boot Label

(Reblogged from a A Time To Get)

I love this from a graphic design perspective as well as a fetishist of all things vintage.  I have many pairs of Red Wings, both vintage and new.  But the only jump boots I ever owned were the Corcoran's tI bought while in the military.  Those boots shined up much better than the regular issue 'cruit boots and helped earn me at least two three-day passes during Command Inspections.  They served me well for years after the Army as well.  Though they weren't as comfortable as Doc Martin's, they were a little less specific, especially in the late 80s when Docs were associated very negatively with Skinheads in Portland. Then they were hopelessly ubiquitous in the early 90s.  My jump boots were my footwear of choice especially when wearing anything other than Levi's during that period.  I passed the boots on to a friend after they were about ten years old.  He wore them daily for a few more years.  Pretty good value for their original sixty dollar price tag at the PX in Germany in the mid 80s.

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