Thursday, August 26, 2010

Eyes Without A Face

Oh, the random joys of living in a digital world.  By the way, if you're over forty, think of how often you read, said or heard the word digital in the first two thirds of your life compared to the past third.
So anyway ... I was enjoying the morning today.  No reason to jump out of bed and take the day by storm for once.  The soft light was casting shadows on my walls and ceiling of the lovely patterns of the tree branches outside my window.  I was playing some Billie Holiday on my iTunes.  All was well in the world.
Then one Billie gave way to another and Billy Idol's Eyes Without a Face started.  It felt so out of place and remote.  Not in a bad way.  Maybe like a status update from someone that you don't know very well on Facebook -- mildly inappropriate and unwelcome somehow.  But there it was.  In between Billie Holiday and Billy Riley.  Just one song from some random 80s collection.
The song always reminds me of a message left on my answering machine in high school.  I was friends with a guy who later went on to become one of the founders of a major social networking site.  He had a very deep-toned and distinct way of speaking, very drawn out and bassy.  "Neal, what's up, power?  What would it be like if your girlfriend had eyes without a face?  Call me back, it's B____."  As if I didn't know that or could ever forget it.

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